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Champions of Magic Audience Reviews

The quotes below are taken from surveys carried out by our ticketing agent on the Champions Of Magic 2016 West End Run and 2017 UK tour

"What I will say is it was the best show I have been to, my son who is 9 loved it and couldn't believe what he was seeing. My partner was absolutely loved it. Thank you so much… such a great experience."

"We were certainly kept on the edge of our seats the whole way through of the show, my Mum was so engrossed in the Magic being performed she did not open her bag of sweets.”

"Well what a night it was at the Champions Of Magic Show at Theatre Brycheiniog last night, a fantastic evening show filled with laughter and some spectacular magic tricks and illusions to boot. I attended the event with my wife, and we totally immersed ourselves in the experience. We were welcomed with open arms by the Theatre staff, and were in awe of the stunning show that unfolded before our very eyes.”

 “It truly was a great evening that me and my wife will remember for the foreseeable future… I fully recommend the show to all, if it’s excitement and intrigue you are after look no further, the Champions Of Magic show will truly have you on the edge of your seat.”

“Stunning show! Pure escapism, pure elixir for the mind and soul. Simply unmissable for fans of pure magic! A wonderful experience to share with family and friends of all ages. There were so many highlights!”

“Best magic show I’ve experienced! Highly recommended. Took my partner to the event as we are both magic lovers and was expecting a decent show, what we experienced was a highly energetic, entertaining show from start to finish. Would highly recommend for all ages of magic lovers.”

“A magic afternoon. I took my 88 year old Mom as a birthday treat and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Good family entertainment.”

“We saw the show in London and couldn’t believe it. It was great for all ages and the illusions were incredible. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a fun night out for the whole family. The production on the show is really spectacular – incredible lighting and special effects. 5 stars”

“A truly excellent night of magic. 5 very different magicians come together to give a fast moving variety of styles, each different to the next and as equally entertaining. I thoroughly recommend seeing this magic show."

"A brilliant show… the tricks were amazing… Take all your family and friends as everyone will leave with a big smile on their face, and be thinking of it long after they have left the venue. I felt very lucky to these impressive magicians in such an intimate venue. If’ you’re looking for the best show in London, five brilliant magicians are staging the most entertaining family show. There is something for all ages. Be prepared to be amazed and amused. A magical experience!"

"A good all round family show. Great illusions performed by very good magicians. Well worth going to see."

"Left the venue feeling as if we had been thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. A really entertaining show for the whole family. Awesome."

"This show has magic for all, and all styles of magic; elegant sleight of hand with Edward Hilsum, sharp, comic mind reader Alex McAleer, seasoned trooper Fay Presto, and illusionists with a touch of hip hop Young & Strange. I found it hard to clap because most of the time my hands were over my face in wonder as I thought, “how did they do that?” If you like magic, book a ticket for an evening of exciting wonderment. "

"A magic show for all tastes ad ages featuring close-up magic, mentalism, light hearted magic for kids and grand illusion. Impossible to be bored or less than stumped. Time simply flew by The performers are all at the top of their game and each gave 100%."

"Make no mistake, this is a very entertaining and well put-together magic show by a number of different magicians. I saw Impossible last year in the West End with a number of magicians which was a huge disappointment and this show is streets ahead of that one. . That’s what makes a magic show – you genuinely don’t know how they did it!"

"Great fun, family show. Suitable for young and old alike. Top class magicians in a large venue. Catch it if you can. "

"A thoroughly entertaining, feel-good show for all ages! A real delight! A friend and I went after work and found ourselves in the audience with families as well as other adults of all ages. Not only did the magic acts make us gasp and say ‘how did they do that?!’ but there was a lot of laughter too – some great humour! And I have to say, I also loved the use of music and lighting to create some lovely wordless moments. I loved this show – it had warmth, humour and heart."

"5 great magicians interacting with the audience. Great comedy magic of all kinds shown in two parts Thoroughly entertaining night, would recommend you to go before it ends."

"Great magic show for adults and kids. 5 talented artists that will make your draw drop. Worth seeing it!"

"Really fantastic, spell-binding and humorous night out! Not only was the magic good, there was also excellent showmanship all round with humour that was family friendly (with a few jokes sneaked in for the adults too!) A definite go-see."